Answering services

Just had the pleasure of dealing with another answering service.  It went like this:  “Johnson Properties, may I help you?”  “Yes, does your company own the property at 100 N. Maple?”  “I’m not sure, what’s the problem?”  So then I told her the problem and she said, “Oh!  Let me get your phone number and I’ll let someone from Johnson Properties know about it.”  In other words — they’re an answering service.  What’s the point of them saying, “Johnson Properties,” if they can’t answer any questions and can’t make any decisions and can’t really give you any useful information?  I’ve run into this with a lot of companies.  If I had a business with an answering service, I would ask them to say, “Smith Company’s answering service.”  Then at least a caller would know who he was talking to.


About morticity

About to receive my Master's Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Arkansas. Looking for my first real job in the field.
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