Penny for your thoughts . . . okay, a nickel . . .

“60 Minutes” tonight is talking about the possibility of taking the penny out of U.S. circulation.  I’m no economist, but I’ve been saying for years that we should consider that move.  Just round it up or down to a nickel — or maybe we should get rid of that one too and go straight to dimes.   It would save all of us from dealing with the little worthless coins, and it would save the country from the expense of making them.  It costs more than a cent to produce a penny.  Think about that one and disappear into your own navel.

Honestly, I have felt this way for years, but I never could get anybody to agree with me.  “60 Minutes” concluded by admitting that the possibility of actually getting rid of the penny is small, for a number of reasons.  But I wanted to get this “on record” anyway.  I wish I could have blogged it 20 years ago, when I first thought it. 

And I wish I had a pony.


About morticity

About to receive my Master's Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Arkansas. Looking for my first real job in the field.
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