Sign o’ the times

I want to get a prediction on the board here:  I just watched a Progressive Insurance commercial with Flo, and they spent about half the commercial promoting the movie “Tron.”  Or maybe it was a “Tron” commercial with Flo in it.  I don’t know; that’s the point.  They have been doing product placement in movies for a long time now, and the idea of “cooperative” advertising is not new in radio or TV.  Usually co-op ads are where a big company like Ford will pay for part of the commercials and the local dealership will pay for the rest.  But this — this, I don’t think I’ve seen before, and the prediction is that *we will see more and more of it.*  Matter of fact, it occurred to me a while back that companies will get together and split advertising costs.  Because the economy sucks, and they’ve got to get by the best they can.  Plus, who knows who owns what company anymore?  Pepsi might as well do one ad for two of their products that go together as do a separate ad for each one. 

Every futuristic movie I’ve ever seen that represented advertising in a ridiculous light — I’m sorry I laughed at you.


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About to receive my Master's Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Arkansas. Looking for my first real job in the field.
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